St. Augustine Events

St. Augustine Events

St. Augustine festivals, music events and more

St. Augustine hosts a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from cultural festivals to historical reenactments.  Be sure to check them out and get a taste of the St. Augustine culture.

Nights of Lights

November 18 2023-January 31 2024

Nights of Lights in St. Augustine transforms the historic city into a dazzling spectacle with millions of twinkling lights, creating a magical holiday atmosphere for visitors and locals alike

14th Annual Film Fest

January 11-14

The St. Augustine Film Festival showcases a diverse selection of compelling films, bringing together filmmakers and Film enthusiasts to celebrate the art of cinema,

St. Augustine Spanish food & Wine Festival

February 29-March 2

The St. Augustine Spanish Food and Wine Festival tantalizes the senses with a delightful fusion of authentic Spanish flavors and exquisite wines, creating a culinary celebration that pays homage to the rich gastronomic traditions of Spain in the heart of St. Augustine

Celtic Music and Heritage Festival

March 9-10

The Celtic Music and Heritage Festival in St. Augustine immerses attendees in a lively celebration of Celtic culture, featuring enchanting music, vibrant dances, and a showcase of traditions that honor the rich  celtic heritage.

St. Augustine Flower and Garden Expo

March 16-17

The St. Augustine Flower and Garden Expo blooms with horticultural beauty, offering a vibrant showcase of exquisite flowers, expert gardening advice, and a green oasis for enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature.

St. Augustine Lions and Seafood Festival

April 6

The St. Augustine Lions and Seafood Festival is a coastal culinary extravaganza, where seafood enthusiasts gather to indulge in a delectable array of fresh catches, live music, and family-friendly activities, creating a lively celebration by the sea

Gamble Rogers Folk Fest

April 12-14

The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival in St. Augustine is a musical extravaganza that pays tribute to the folk legend Gamble Rogers, featuring a diverse lineup of talented artists who captivate audiences with soulful storytelling and melodies.

St. Augustine Brewers Fest

May 3-19

The St. Augustine Brewers Fest is a hoppy haven for beer enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse array of craft brews from local and regional breweries, offering a flavorful experience that brings together beer connoisseurs.

St. Augustine Food and Wine Festival

May 8-12

The St. Augustine Food and Wine Festival is a gastronomic delight, inviting attendees to savor exquisite culinary creations, indulge in fine wines, and experience the vibrant flavors that make it a premier epicurean event in the heart of St. Augustine

As If!  The 90’s Fest

May 18

As If, the 90’s Fest in St. Augustine is a nostalgic journey through the iconic era, featuring throwback music, fashion, and vibes that transport attendees back to the 1990s for a lively celebration of the decade’s pop culture

Blue Crab Festival

May 24-26

The St. Augustine Blue Crab Festival is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering a delightful experience where attendees can savor the succulent flavors of blue crab dishes, enjoy live music, and partake in family-friendly festivities, making it a crustacean celebration along the historic streets of St. Augustine

St. Augustine Song Writers Festival

September 27-29

The St. Augustine Songwriters Festival is a harmonious gathering that celebrates the art of songwriting, featuring talented musicians who captivate audiences with their soulful compositions, creating an intimate and melodic experience in the heart of St. Augustine