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St. Augustine has a variety of unforgettable restuarants

Explore restaurants of St. Augustine offering everything from coastal seafood delights to artisanal cuisine in a picturesque setting.

Restaurants in Historic Downtown

Bull and Crown Public House

53 St. George Street, St. Augustine


Bull and Crown Public House in St. Augustine is a charming and lively establishment located in the heart of the historic district. Set in a historic building, this British-inspired pub offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, combining traditional décor with a modern flair. The pub features a selection of craft beers on tap, along with a diverse menu that highlights classic British pub fare and American favorites.

Guests can enjoy a relaxed dining experience either indoors or on the outdoor patio, providing a delightful view of the historic streets. The menu at Bull and Crown boasts a range of options, including hearty pub classics, flavorful burgers, and comforting entrees. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind with friends, savor a pint of beer, or indulge in satisfying comfort food, Bull and Crown Public House offers a taste of both British hospitality and local charm in the heart of St. Augustine.

Café Alcazar

25 Granada Street, St. Augustine


Cafe Alcazar in St. Augustine is a charming dining establishment housed within the historic Lightner Museum, offering a unique and elegant experience. This café combines a sophisticated ambiance with a touch of vintage charm, set against the backdrop of the museum’s grandeur. The setting is both stylish and inviting, providing patrons with a delightful atmosphere to enjoy a meal.

The menu at Cafe Alcazar features a selection of delicious dishes with a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From light salads to hearty sandwiches and flavorful entrees, the offerings cater to diverse palates. Guests can choose to dine indoors, surrounded by the museum’s architectural splendor, or enjoy the pleasant weather in the courtyard.

Cafe Alcazar is not only a culinary destination but also an extension of the cultural richness found within the Lightner Museum. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely lunch or a charming spot for afternoon tea, Cafe Alcazar offers a delightful culinary experience amid the historical allure of St. Augustine.

Burrito Works Taco Shop

114 St George Street, St. Augustine


Burrito Works Taco Shop in St. Augustine is a vibrant and casual eatery that has become a local favorite for those craving fresh and flavorful Mexican-inspired cuisine. Located in the heart of the historic district, this taco shop offers a laid-back atmosphere with a beachy vibe, making it a popular choice for both residents and visitors.

The menu at Burrito Works boasts a variety of options, including customizable burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and more. With a focus on using high-quality ingredients, patrons can enjoy a delicious combination of meats, fresh vegetables, and flavorful sauces. The build-your-own concept allows customers to tailor their meals to their preferences.

The colorful and inviting setting, combined with the aroma of sizzling ingredients, creates an inviting experience for guests. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or looking for a relaxed spot to enjoy Mexican-inspired delights, Burrito Works Taco Shop offers a satisfying and authentic taste of Mexico in the heart of St. Augustine.

Cafè del Hidalgo

35 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine


Café del Hidalgo in St. Augustine is a quaint and charming café nestled in the historic district, known for its delightful ambiance and European-inspired setting. Located on Aviles Street, the oldest street in the nation’s oldest city, this café offers a unique blend of Old World charm and local character.

The café features a cozy interior adorned with art and antiques, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for patrons. Whether enjoying a cup of expertly brewed coffee, indulging in a pastry, or savoring a light meal, guests can appreciate the fusion of historic charm and contemporary comfort.

Café del Hidalgo provides a welcoming respite for locals and visitors exploring the cultural richness of St. Augustine. With its picturesque location and inviting setting, this café offers a delightful space to relax and savor a moment of tranquility amidst the city’s historic allure.

Carmelo's Marketplace

146 King Street, St. Augustine


Carmelo’s Marketplace Pizzeria fills the need for upscale, dining convenience at reasonable prices. The food is fast, but fabulous since everything is made-to-order with the freshest ingredients.

Whether you are on the run or want to relax, Carmelo’s Marketplace Pizzeria offers Saint Augustine, an exciting and enticing menu of the highest quality.

Carmelo’s Marketplace Pizzeria delivers old world quality conveniently and deliciously.

Casa Reina Taqueria & Tequila

1 Anderson Cir, St. Augustine


The Casa Reina menu features plenty of traditional favorites like authentic street tacos and enchiladas, alongside a selection of unique signature dishes, such as our Short Rib Chiles Rellenos and Tequila Lime Grouper. These menu offerings, authentic design elements and waterfront views come together to offer a dining experience fit for a Queen.

Casa Maya

22 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine


Casa Maya in St. Augustine is a vibrant and authentic Mexican restaurant that beckons patrons with its lively atmosphere and rich culinary offerings. Located in the heart of the historic district, this eatery captures the essence of Mexican culture, both in its decor and its flavorful menu.

Inside Casa Maya, guests find a welcoming space adorned with vibrant colors and traditional Mexican artwork. The menu features a diverse selection of dishes, from classic tacos and enchiladas to specialties that showcase the bold and savory flavors of Mexican cuisine. With a focus on fresh ingredients and expertly crafted dishes, Casa Maya delivers an immersive dining experience.

Whether you’re seeking a casual spot for a quick bite or a festive atmosphere to celebrate with friends, Casa Maya invites diners to savor the authentic tastes of Mexico in the charming setting of St. Augustine.

Castillo Craft Bar + Kitchen

6 W Castillo Drive, St. Augustine


Established in 2021, Castillo Craft Bar + Kitchen is a St. Augustine gem offering an enticing fusion of new American cuisine and craft cocktails. Immerse yourself in the restaurant’s captivating ambiance, where tantalizing aromas mingle with modern décor. Indulge in culinary creations prepared with genuine warmth and hospitality, leaving a lasting impression on every palate.

Catch 27

40 Charlotte Street, St. Augustine


Catch 27 Kitchen & Bar in St. Augustine is a seafood-centric culinary gem that embodies the coastal charm of this historic city. Located in the heart of the downtown area, Catch 27 is known for its commitment to serving fresh, locally sourced ingredients, particularly focusing on the abundance of delicious seafood available in the region.

The restaurant’s interior is inviting, with a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance that complements its coastal theme. The menu at Catch 27 showcases a variety of creatively crafted dishes, ranging from expertly prepared seafood offerings to thoughtfully curated land-based options. Each dish reflects a dedication to quality and flavor, providing a culinary experience that highlights the best of St. Augustine’s coastal bounty.

With its commitment to sustainability and a menu that evolves with the seasons, Catch 27 Kitchen & Bar offers a delightful dining experience for those seeking a taste of the sea in a welcoming and stylish setting.

Chez L’Amour

45 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine


Chez L’Amour provides the perfect setting for a romantic date night, fun outing or special occasion. Social tapas dining, the stellar drink menu and incredible music make Chez L’Amour the perfect place to unwind, celebrate and enjoy friends and family in a cozy atmosphere.

Cellars Upstairs

157 King Street, St. Augustine


San Sebastian Winery’s The Cellar Upstairs Bar and Restaurant features top class eclectic live music including Jazz, R&B and Blues.

You can purchase a variety of tasty light appetizers to accompany the wide selection of your favorite San Sebastian Wines, as well as imported and domestic beers. Enjoy the comfort, relax and take in the spectacular views from the open-air deck while listening to the live music. There is no cover charge.

Chianti Room

60 Charlotte Street, St. Augustine


The award winning pizza is only the beginning. For the true Italian food connoisseur, follow the alleyway through the secluded courtyard and enter the full-service Italian restaurant. Wine and dine from our extensive wine list, complete liquor bar, and old country entrées, which are sure to please even the pickiest pallet.

For two generations, the Pizzalleys family has pledged to honor their time-tested recipes with the freshest & best quality ingredients.